Re-Imagining Healing

Alleviate, correct, put right, or become sound and healthy again. These are the definitions that come up when you search “Heal” in Google. Although I do not believe one has to be broken in order to heal I love the word “again” at the end of these definitions. When we come into this world in our purest form we are alleviated from pain of past lives, we are “put right”, but from there we start the cycle all over again. The cycle is macro, and never ending, as it is micro, and temporary. Life’s trials and tribulations come in and test our ability to stay whole, and it happens to everyone! [deep breath]

To heal means to come back to the wholeness you came into this world with. To become sound and healthy with the universe. To look at life through those childlike eyes. To act with kindness to everyone around you as people’s skin color is just as big a mystery as the leaves that grow on the trees. To love yourself with everything you have, because it really is all you have, and inherently includes everything else, in some way, or another.

To heal means to come back to a place where everything is unknown and still open for exploration. Healing is a place of curiosity where the questions don’t always have answers, but the quest is always worth it.

If we can reimagine what it means to heal then perhaps our society can stop putting Band-Aids on our wounds and start to ask the question: How can we become whole again?

We are a perpetual work of progress. Always perfect with infinite potential for improvement. [deep breath]

Healing is part of the process. The same way joy is, or grief, or any other emotion. In this journey we are constantly trying to figure it out: How to be healthy? How to find balance? How to be happy? How to have space for solitude and social interaction?

Growing up, in math class, we used to use a method called guess and check. The check was the most important part. Each time you checked you got closer to the answer. Each time you checked you had to accept that your answer was incorrect. That you made a mistake. That you failed. This was celebrated, and accepted, in the guess and check method. At the time I did not realize this, but the guess and check method is also a pretty good method for life. I am going to take an educated guess, and say that each person that reads this is guessing right now, in their lives. When was the last time you checked? How often do you check? [deep breath]

A deep breath is a check. When we check-in we give ourselves space to heal. When we give other people a space to check-in we give other people a space to heal. The world is in shambles right now. There is tremendous suffering and uncertainty. There is increased trauma. We need spaces to check, we need spaces to heal. What might this look like in your life? What might this look like in your community? [deep breath]

Photo by Bruce Hong on Unsplash

Lead Author: Katie Glennon (first four paragraphs)

Katie Glennon’s passion for helping others find their healing groove comes from her personal wellness experience. She certainly does not stay in the box and is always exploring and experimenting with new methodologies and techniques to add to her practice. She has been an advocate in the Cannabis Industry for the past five years starting in Colorado, moving to California, and now living in Massachusetts. She is a certified Yoga and Barre instructor and an avid runner. She is currently offering virtual classes and workshops and more information can be found on her instagram: @katie_o_g.

Anchor Author: Daniel Rudolph

Daniel Rudolph is interested in exploring alternative, experiential learning opportunities for people of all ages. He is passionate about forming community, and building public spaces for meaningful, transformational gathering. Currently he is spending a lot of his time learning juggling and facilitating gatherings. He also enjoys writing and sharing poetry. Daniel is a very curious and playful person and is always open for creative collaborations.



Can you imaging a more harmonious future?

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