Re-Imagining Participative Democracy

Why do democracies fail and nations decline?

Cicero’s analyses and reflections led him to conclude that the Roman Empire’s decline was a result of a decline of morality and ethics, beginning with leadership. Extravagant spending, a lust for wealth, abuses of power by corrupt officials at all levels of government, as self-interest overrode public interest, individual rights were trampled on — fuelled the moral decline. Tinkering (too little and too late) happened when radical transformation was needed.

  • Forced to immediately resign and pay their debt to society when caught in misdemeanours, corruption, falsehoods and other unethical behaviour
  • Castigated for focusing on their careers and self-interest instead of serving the interests of citizens who elected them for a different purpose
  • Prohibited from taking certain decisions or being allowed to tamper with national constitutions, even under emergency conditions, without recourse to those who elected them
Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash



Can you imaging a more harmonious future?

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