Relatively Regular Recap & Invitations (RRR&I)— 10/24/2020

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Relatively Regular Recap

As of today we have released eleven posts. As long as there are posts to be released, we plan to continue releasing them everyday, until we run out, and to keep this as an open project, a constant work-in-progress. The invitation to collaborate is open, and we invite you to share with friends that might be interested in being a part of their group and/or sharing their passion/initiatives via a Collaborative Blog Post. Our intention is for this group to be generative — meaning that it will grow based on the response, ideas and input of the members.

Note: We have had to decline a few posts that people wanted to share in the group. Each individual person that had their post declined has been contacted and told why. To share with the wider group, and to share general expectations, here is of one of those messages:

“Thanks for being part of the Re-Imagining Our Future group ! Also, thanks for your post and gratitude … we are trying to keep posts in the group focused on Re-Imagining (in various capacities) because we have been a part of many groups that get over-flooded with posts [self-promotions] etc. — — so I have declined your request to post … but invite you to introduce yourself and spread your gratitude on the introductions thread … and join in the conversations on the posts … with love, dan …”

With that being said, people are welcome, and encourage, people post in the group, but request that you please keep it focused on re-imagining our future. Also, we appreciate people wanting to spread the word about their initiatives etc. — Instead of just posting about the initiative in a one-off post we invite people share their initiatives/invitations a) by contributing in a collaborative blog post b) by sharing in the introductions thread or c) by sharing within the context of a conversation in an ongoing thread.


Below are the posts that have been released up until now. Is there one you meant to read, but did not have time to? Why not take 3 minutes and check-it out now?Did you mean to share a post with a friend, but forgot? Are you starting to notice similarities and connections between different posts?


  1. Networking — Nnaumrata Arora Singh & Daniel Rudolph
  2. Self Love — Laniece Herron & Daniel Rudolph
  3. Being a Body — Ann Moradian & Daniel Rudolph
  4. Compassion — Graham Williams & Daniel Rudolph
  5. the Economy — Felicia Chavez & Daniel Rudolph
  6. Cities — Tanuja Prasad & Daniel Rudolph
  7. Homelessness — Dan Knauss & Daniel Rudolph
  8. Out of School Children — Raman Bahl & Daniel Rudolph
  9. Non-Profits — Lauren Breland & Daniel Rudolph
  10. Boundaries — Catherine Shovlin & Daniel Rudolph
  11. Stewardship — Michael Reynolds & Daniel Rudolph


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Open Invitations for:

  • Use your artistic skills to re-interpret a post(s)
  • Share with groups of people that might be interested (i.e. art school students, art-focused organizations etc.
  • Share the invitation with a friend that might be interested

mappers — to map the posts in the series until now to show the interconnections and to start developing a comprehensive, compassionate, systems view of the future. We encourage someone to do this digitally, so we can continuously, and collaboratively, add to it as new posts get released.

  • Share about softwares that might work
  • Generate the initial mapping with the first 12 posts
  • Share the invitation with a friend that might be interested

anchors — to initiate collaborative blog posts. Up until now I (dan) have been the ‘anchor author’ on all of the posts. Anybody who has contributed a post already to the series can be an anchor, which entails responding to the lead authors initial paragraphs and doing the initial editing. At this point, I will plan to do the final editing and posting of posts initiated by other anchors.

  • Become an anchor author
  • Share the invitation with a friend that might be interested

are there any other ways that you would like to get involved? ideas that you want to propose? we welcome any/all ideas …


More.About RRR&I

Relatively Regular Recaps — — taking a pause and reflecting on the beauty that is already there.

putting the pieces together. breathing deeply. checking in with what we might have earlier overlooked. the recaps are relatively regular because they will happen regularly, throughout the series, but not on a fixed interval. Rather they will be released based on a feeling that a recap is needed.

Invitations — — ideas for people to use/share/spread their skills.

opportunities to get involved. enabling collective wisdom to thrive. welcoming multiple intelligences. developing something that is truly diverse. sharing ideas.


@Composed with Peace and Love from the Re-Imagining Our Future Team

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Can you imaging a more harmonious future?

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