Relatively Regular Recap & Invitations (RRR&I) —01/07/2021

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[Deep Breath] Rumi encourages that when we “Listen to silence, [it has] much to say.” The more I experience silence, the more I feel this to be true. There is great wisdom in the space between. Silence, like fasting from food, has the potential to create space for reflection, re-direction, connection and emergence. Cracks, for dandelions, and other flowers, to emerge from the sidewalks of modernity.

Recently a friend asked me something like there is already sooo much information that is on the internet that sometimes it simply adds to the stress and overwhelm, why is there need for this blog, why is there need to put more information into the world?

My response was that the intention, behind the design for this series, is nourishment, for all people involved ..:

Lead Authors are reminded that this is intended to be a stress-reducing writing prompt that encourages reflection, creativity and a means for connecting other people to their vision for the future, as well as the initiatives that they feel are meaningful for cultural evolution. Invitations are given in the spirit of ‘kairos’, leaving people to work with time according to their needs.

Anchor Authors (me, up until this point … : ) are taken on a journey through compassionately reading, absorbing and responding to Lead Authors, spurring reflection, connection and new ideas.

Readers are invited to be inspired and provoked by the ideas shared in the post. Since the authors are writing from a state of ‘stress-free abundance’ we hope that readers pick up on that vibe while reading. Similarly, the posts are intentionally kept short, and concise, to enable people to dive in without getting pulled under.

Community Members are invited to navigate the Facebook Group as they wish: actively discussing posts, silently observing, sharing offerings or insights etc. The FB group is moderated and organized to keep the content focused and to try and limit the aforementioned overwhelm.

[Deep Breath]. Silence has enabled new ideas for the series, and has given me (Dan) a renewed energy, excitement and imagination. We are now in the seeding process, so if you feel called to lead a post, and share you Re-Imagination, feel free to reach out (see more info in the Invitations section below).

In March I will be going back into silence, and mostly offline, as I will be joining an apprenticeship at MAPLE Monastic Academy. This was unexpected, but upon intuitive reflection, warmly welcomed. With that being said, given the stage the series is at, it is likely that the series will also go into another phase of silence come March. A pause, not a finish. [Deep Breath]


As of today we have released 47 Re-Imaginations. As long as we have posts to release, and people that are interested in showing-up&sharing, we will continue building on this collection and inching closer towards amalgamating a diverse, and comprehensive, Systems View for a more compassionate and connecting future.


Invitations are open to anybody in the community. If you feel called to any of these invitations please send a message and we can explore possibilities.

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Open Invitations for:

lead authors — to choose a specific area that you want to Re-Imagine, then to open the post with 3–4 paragraphs sharing your vision for that specific topic to be shared with the anchor author to read, absorb and then respond with another 3–4 paragraphs.

illustrators/painters/artists/dancers/sculptors/actors/clowns etc. — to re-interpret a post (and/or lead a new post) in a different medium(s) to honor multiple intelligences, make the information more accessible to a wider audience and give people a chance to creatively work with the ideas and information with their unique intelligences.

expanded leads & double anchors — to extend the pre-exisiting conversations. Anybody who has contributed a post already to the series can be an expanded lead. Simply, they would respond to the anchor author in the post that they have already submitted with another 3–4 paragraphs, and then reach out (or ask someone from the ROF team to reach out) and find a third voice (or double anchor) to add to the post.


More.About RRR&I

Relatively Regular Recaps — — taking a pause and reflecting on the beauty that is already there.

putting the pieces together. breathing deeply. checking in with what we might have earlier overlooked. the recaps are relatively regular because they will happen regularly, throughout the series, but not on a fixed interval. Rather they will be released based on a feeling that a recap is needed.

Invitations — — ideas for people to use/share/spread their skills.

opportunities to get involved. enabling collective wisdom to thrive. welcoming multiple intelligences. developing something that is truly diverse. sharing ideas.


@Composed with Peace and Love from the Re-Imagining Our Future Team

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Can you imaging a more harmonious future?

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