Relatively Regular Recap & Invitations (RRR&I) — 02/01/2021

Reimagining our Future
6 min readFeb 1, 2021
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Seasons change, and with the seasons, activities, smells, ideas, feelings. Acknowledging, and honoring, these cycles and transitions enables opportunities for reflection, gratitude and re-orientation.

We are all part of the same cycles of the universe, while at the same time having our own, entirely unique set of cycles that are a product of our unique circumstances. Connecting to these cycles requires deep listening and faith.

As chief-editor, and co-author of all of the posts published in this series thus far, I (dan) have been able to notice my personal cycles more closely. Certain times, I have infinite energy to write posts. Other time, no energy or interest at all.

When I try to force myself to write, when I am not interested, it rarely works. I end up spending a lot of time, and creating something that ends up being changed and drastically edited. On the contrary, when I am able to write in those moments of inspiration, the writing happens naturally, with little effort, and I am able to write a lot of good content, in a short period of time.

Gradually, I am learning to pay attention to and honor these cycles.

Thank you to everyone that has been a part of this series, in any capacity.


This Thursday, 04 February, we will be holding our opening gathering of the ‘Re-Imagining Cafe’. We hope for this to become a space where people that are Re-Imagining with us, through this series, can meet more intimately with the intention of becoming more deeply connected to the ideas and people, organizations and networks that are being shared through this series.

If you are interested in joining, please send an email to me (Dan) at and I will share a link to the call.


As of today we have released 56 Re-Imaginations. As long as we have posts to release, and people that are interested in showing-up&sharing, we will continue building on this collection and inching closer towards putting together a diverse, and comprehensive, Systems View for a more compassionate and connecting future.

  1. Series Introduction
  2. Networking — Nnaumrata Arora Singh & Daniel Rudolph
  3. Self Love — Laniece Herron & Daniel Rudolph
  4. Being a Body — Ann Moradian & Daniel Rudolph
  5. Compassion — Graham Williams & Daniel Rudolph
  6. the Economy — Felicia Chavez & Daniel Rudolph
  7. Cities — Tanuja Prasad & Daniel Rudolph
  8. Homelessness — Dan Knauss & Daniel Rudolph
  9. Out of School Children — Raman Bahl & Daniel Rudolph
  10. Non-Profits — Lauren Breland & Daniel Rudolph
  11. Boundaries — Catherine Shovlin & Daniel Rudolph
  12. Stewardship — Michael Reynolds & Daniel Rudolph
  13. RRR&I — 10/24/2020
  14. Mental Health — Shubham Srivastav & Daniel Rudolph
  15. Personal Identities — Daniel Ford & Daniel Rudolph
  16. Adult-Child Relationships — Chiara Bockstahler & Daniel Rudolph
  17. Weddings — Sonal Parakh & Daniel Rudolph
  18. Consumption — Abishek Taneja & Daniel Rudolph
  19. the Power of Conversation — Sanjay Fernandes & Daniel Rudolph
  20. our Systems — Colin Campbell & Daniel Rudolph
  21. Non-Violence — Mandar Apte & Daniel Rudolph
  22. RRR&I — 11/02/2020
  23. our Relationships with Natural Disaster — Vũ Vũ & Daniel Rudolph
  24. Grief — Aerin Dunford & Daniel Rudolph
  25. Healing — Katie Glennon & Daniel Rudolph
  26. Hope — Shalini Verma & Daniel Rudolph
  27. Touch — Graham Williams & Daniel Rudolph
  28. Trauma Informed Coaching — Raposa & Daniel Rudolph
  29. Curriculum — Rose Madrone & Daniel Rudolph
  30. Learning: Facilitating Contextualized Worldviews — Espen Malling & Daniel Rudolph
  31. Democracy — Gijs Van den Broeck & Daniel Rudolph
  32. Agriculture — Gita Krenek & Daniel Rudolph
  33. Systems of Health — Megan Seneque & Daniel Rudolph
  34. Exercise — Genaro Scampone & Daniel Rudolph
  35. Ownership — Ed Blackshear & Daniel Rudolph
  36. RRR&I — 11/16/2020
  37. Post-Nationalism — Tony Waters & Daniel Rudolph
  38. the Creative — Andrew Splendorio & Daniel Rudolph
  39. Artificial Intelligence — Anthony Gatto & Daniel Rudolph
  40. a Gift Based Economy — Mery Miguez & Daniel Rudolph
  41. Rest, Digest & Connect — 11/22/2020
  42. Nature Education — Erik Assadourian & Daniel Rudolph
  43. Clean Water — Shrey Gupta & Daniel Rudolph
  44. “I Should…” — Rosie O’Connor & Daniel Rudolph
  45. our Sense of Reality — Mrinalini Watson & Daniel Rudolph
  46. Intimacy — Terry Vergos & Daniel Rudolph
  47. RRR&I — 12/07/2020
  48. History — Sara Jolena Wolcott & Daniel Rudolph
  49. Success — Graham Williams & Daniel Rudolph
  50. Grandmothers as our Gurus — Vidhi Jain & Daniel Rudolph
  51. Community — Man Hue Duong & Daniel Rudolph
  52. Lockdown Insecurity — Raposa & Daniel Rudolph
  53. RRR&I — 01/07/2021
  54. Competitive Sports — Véronique Richard & Daniel Rudolph
  55. Sexual Identity — Brandon Marqrueal Correa & Daniel Rudolph
  56. Public Health — Gijs Van den Broeck & Daniel Rudolph
  57. Land — Julie Gabrielli & Daniel Rudolph
  58. Eco-Tourism — Timothy Jackson & Daniel Rudolph
  59. Business — Jai Warrier & Daniel Rudolph
  60. Relationships for Mental Health — Rosie O’Connor & Daniel Rudolph
  61. Vitality-Centered Education — Jenny Finn & Daniel Rudolph
  62. our Relationship to Water — Deepak Malani & Daniel Rudolph
  63. Participative Democracy — Tony Waters & Daniel Rudolph
  64. Poetry as a Healing Tool — Sanhita Baruah & Daniel Rudolph
  65. Waste — Shrey Gupta & Daniel Rudolph
  66. Teachers’ — Ché-vanni Beon Davids & Daniel Rudolph
  67. Humour — Marcela Scarpellini & Daniel Rudolph
  68. Professional Education — Vipul Redey & Daniel Rudolph
  69. Partnerships — Christine Bedenis & Daniel Rudolph
  70. Assessment & Evaluation — Elizabeth White & Daniel Rudolph


Invitations are open to anybody in the community. If you feel called to any of these invitations please send a message and we can explore possibilities.

Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash

Open Invitations for:

lead authors — to choose a specific area that you want to Re-Imagine, then to open the post with 3–4 paragraphs sharing your vision for that specific topic to be shared with the anchor author to read, absorb and then respond with another 3–4 paragraphs.

  • Lead a post
  • Share with groups of people that might be interested
  • Share the invitation with a specific friend that might be interested

illustrators/painters/artists/dancers/sculptors/actors/clowns etc. — to re-interpret a post (and/or lead a new post) in a different medium(s) to honor multiple intelligences, make the information more accessible to a wider audience and give people a chance to creatively work with the ideas and information with their unique intelligences.

  • Use your artistic skills to re-interpret (lead)a post(s)
  • Share with groups of people that might be interested (i.e. art school students, art-focused organizations etc.)
  • Share the invitation with a specific friend that might be interested

expanded leads & double anchors — to extend the pre-exisiting conversations. Anybody who has contributed a post already to the series can be an expanded lead. Simply, they would respond to the anchor author in the post that they have already submitted with another 3–4 paragraphs, and then reach out (or ask someone from the ROF team to reach out) and find a third voice (or double anchor) to add to the post.

  • Become an expanded lead
  • Become a double anchor or suggest a friend


More.About RRR&I

Relatively Regular Recaps — — taking a pause and reflecting on the beauty that is already there.

putting the pieces together. breathing deeply. checking in with what we might have earlier overlooked. the recaps are relatively regular because they will happen regularly, throughout the series, but not on a fixed interval. Rather they will be released based on a feeling that a recap is needed.

Invitations — — ideas for people to use/share/spread their skills.

opportunities to get involved. enabling collective wisdom to thrive. welcoming multiple intelligences. developing something that is truly diverse. sharing ideas.


@Composed with Peace and Love from the Re-Imagining Our Future Team

Photo by Edward Howell on Unsplash